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With GD Related Posts you can associate a blog post to a particular listing of any type. Whether you have just places, or include carnivals, dentists or any other grouping, GD Related Posts will let you link an article to a business.

If you write a review or post a story about one of your listings, you can make sure that readers of you blog know about the listing and that people browsing the listings see the articles posted.

GD Related Posts allows you to have a custom tab on a listing, with any name you choose, and also includes a widget to be placed on the Details Sidebar. Both allow a custom number of related posts to be shown, and the tab will also show an extract and optionally the featured image of the post.

This type of cross linking adds benefit to visitors and listing owners, and can also help a search engine spider crawl your site more effectively.


Check the Related Stories tab and the sidebar for related posts.

Updates are free for the life of the product and happen right inside of your WordPress dashboard or management tool.



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